Can you explain how countertop seams are handled?

Seams are made where the two pieces of stone are put together. The seams are joined with epoxy that is mixed with the color that matches the stone. Then the joined area is smoothened so that only a very thin line is visible.

Colonial Marble & Granite

Is it worth it to spend extra money on Composite Decking as opposed to wood?

We would say it is better to spend the money upfront for composite than wood. You do save money going with pressure treated decking upfront however over the life of the deck you will spend quite a bit of money on maintaining the deck.

Keystone Custom Decks

Can you explain how countertop seams are handled?

We try and match the grain/pattern as best as possible.

Solid Wood Cabinets

Can I put a fireplace in my bedroom?

Yes a natural gas fireplace can be installed into your bedroom which then can be dressed up in a variety of stone veneers or wood mantels from the inside.

Garden Patios, Inc

What’s the best solution for a rotted door frame?

The door frame is a 4-sided unit—when the door jamb rots, the threshold comes loose and there’s no repairing that. Replacement of the door frame is the best option. We often recommend a composite door frame as opposed to a wood door frame; composite looks like wood but it does not rot.

Chapman Windows, Doors & Siding

What are some popular new additions people want in their redesigns or repairs of master baths?

The larger showers are definitely a continuing trend. But people are beginning to put freestanding tubs back in, not the platform tubs that take up a ton of space. Seats in a shower are so popular; you may not be sitting on them but they’re so handy for washing your feet or putting your leg up on them. Shelves or recessed areas to hold shampoo and soap are also very popular. The seat is also very helpful for that.

Gehman Design Remodeling

What are some of the landscape trends you’re seeing?

We’re still seeing a high demand for outdoor rooms. I think this is reflective of the growing trends for staycations and outdoor entertaining. One element we’re noticing is on the rise is the overhead structure. Clients are looking to extend the use of their outdoor rooms to all four seasons, so many projects include rooks that are either attached or detached from the house. Overhead structures—which also might be a pergola—provide a sense of enclosure and act like a ceiling for an outdoor room. The structure then lends itself to the addition of ceiling fans, lights and infrared radiant heat. Kitchen stations, fire elements, water features and seating walls are also popular features.

Doerler Landscapes

What are some of the benefits to going with Fiberon for composite decking material?

I prefer installing Fiberon because it is both beautiful and reliable. Fiberon adds a protective polymer capping on all four sides of the decking. This creates a look that emulates real world wood while providing superior performance to match every budget. Fiberon stands behind their products without any of the hassle that you might get from other companies.
As the only Premier FiberPro installer in North Jersey, we have the exclusive ability to offer our customers a five-year labor warranty on specified material. That is something most other companies cannot offer.

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