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What technology has been a large benefit to your landscape design process?

As a design-driven firm, Doerler Landscapes emphasizes the outdoor space’s beauty and its functionality. This has been helped by using 3D imaging. This allows us to work with our clients on a myriad of conceptual ideas, which helps us to refine the project scope and budget. With 3D imaging, we can make revisions ‘on the spot,’ so that our clients … can envision what the finished project will look like.

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What do you believe makes an outdoor living space special?

I think attention to detail and a vivid focus on the client and their dream design is what makes an outdoor space special. Custom outdoor spaces become magnets for family gatherings, often utilized more than anticipated. By complementing the existing architecture, incorporating the client’s dreams along with maximizing their budget and amenities, the space feels even more special. I really love the ‘wow’ moments at the end of the project, when clients fill their new spaces with family and friends.

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What are some of the landscape trends you’re seeing?

We’re still seeing a high demand for outdoor rooms. I think this is reflective of the growing trends for staycations and outdoor entertaining. One element we’re noticing is on the rise is the overhead structure. Clients are looking to extend the use of their outdoor rooms to all four seasons, so many projects include rooks that are either attached or detached from the house. Overhead structures—which also might be a pergola—provide a sense of enclosure and act like a ceiling for an outdoor room. The structure then lends itself to the addition of ceiling fans, lights and infrared radiant heat. Kitchen stations, fire elements, water features and seating walls are also popular features.

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