Are there a lot of shower door options for homeowners today?

The market has gone towards thicker, heavier glass with less metal. A popular door is the Imperial slider, which is like a barn-style sliding shower door. The options for protective coatings on the glass have come along way. Shower Guard glass is a glass that we promote. It was actually invented during Desert Storm. They were looking to put a coating on windshields because they were going through so many of them on Humvees. They also realized it had a protective nature against mineral deposits and soap scum. I probably put that on half the doors we install now. There are a lot of different hardware options between handles and hinges, etc.

With the frameless shower doors, everything is custom, so you can lay it out and put the door where you want as big as you want it. A lot of glass keeps the shower space open, makes the bathroom feel bigger and incorporates that space into the bathroom and shows off all the tile work that’s been done. People used to want to hide the shower, now they are so nice and expensive people want to show them off.

Glass Castle

What do you believe makes an outdoor living space special?

I think attention to detail and a vivid focus on the client and their dream design is what makes an outdoor space special. Custom outdoor spaces become magnets for family gatherings, often utilized more than anticipated. By complementing the existing architecture, incorporating the client’s dreams along with maximizing their budget and amenities, the space feels even more special. I really love the ‘wow’ moments at the end of the project, when clients fill their new spaces with family and friends.

Doerler Landscapes

What technology has been a large benefit to your landscape design process?

As a design-driven firm, Doerler Landscapes emphasizes the outdoor space’s beauty and its functionality. This has been helped by using 3D imaging. This allows us to work with our clients on a myriad of conceptual ideas, which helps us to refine the project scope and budget. With 3D imaging, we can make revisions ‘on the spot,’ so that our clients … can envision what the finished project will look like.

Doerler Landscapes

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen in your more than 25 years of experience in the decking industry?

Years ago, wood decks were the most appealing choice for decks. That is short-lived when the wood starts to chip, peel, splinter, warp and fade. One of the most important decisions to make once you have decided on having your dream deck built is the ongoing maintenance costs of staining, water proofing and power washing. In the last decade, composite decking has been the decking of choice. It’s a combination of plastic and wood fiber, which is more resistant to the elements and although the majority of cost is up front with installation and material, you end up saving money long term.

Just Decks by Capri

In the decking business, is it important to for you to keep up with all the latest trends in outdoor living?

Yes! We can build simple or elaborate. If they can envision it, we can build it and if they can’t I will help them, according to their budget. Most people want to get as many months out of the deck that they possibly can, so we build a variety of fire pits, octagons, conversation areas, pool surrounds and outdoor kitchens. We also offer more railing options now with metal, lighting and glass, along with the composite.

Just Decks by Capri

What should customers understand before signing a deck contract?

Making sure all costs are included in the initial estimate. One of my biggest pet peeves that many contractors do is not include all the cost upfront. You need to know that everything is included before the building is started. That is why Just Decks listens carefully to what the customer wants and is priced accordingly.

Just Decks by Capri

Can you suggest some other upgrades for a deck with a covered structure?

Adding heaters and ceiling fans is becoming almost standard. In addition to making everyone more comfortable, it also helps extend the seasons you are able to enjoy outside. TVs and kitchens and fire features are also becoming commonplace. Creating an environment where everyone is together is the goal of an outdoor space. Whether it’s cooking or watching the game, no one wants to be stuck inside! You can count on complete protection while enjoying full ventilation.

Deck Remodelers

What are benefits of the louvered pergola?

If you enjoy being outside all of the time, then an Equinox pergola is the way to go. When you’re outside, you’re at the mercy of the elements. The sun can be so intense that it becomes uncomfortable to enjoy, while a rain shower can send you running indoors or cancelling a well-planned party. With the touch of the remote, you have control over the sun, the shade and the rain, rather than the other way around.

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