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Atlantic City
3839 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City , NJ 08401

667 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland , NJ 08360

Services Provided:
Builders/Contractors/Remodelers ,
Electrical ,
HVAC Heating & Cooling ,
Kitchen and Bath Design ,
New Appliances in DE, NJ, PA ,

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Service. Selection. Value. Experience.These are four key elements differentiating Ace Plumbing Heating and Electrical Supplies of Vineland from the hundreds of competitors that sell similar or exact products. Serving our customers is not a hollow commitment. We offer personalized service to contractors, homeowners or anyone needing experienced advice. Our staff has extensive training and experience to help identify problems as well as the best solution. We are available with extended hours and on an emergency basis to make sure customers can return home with the right item to get heat, hot water and all the things necessary to have a safe and comfortable home or workplace. It's late in the day and you need a pump for your water system? Call us. Even if it's after hours we'll answer the phones to assist. Selection cannot be overlooked. At Ace, as well at our branch operations, we'll carry the less common products designed for the special need application. It may be a high output stainless steel water heater element or a special ECM motor for your HVAC system that helps to efficiently promote filtered air throughout the home. As for those common items? We have them also plus our prices are very competitive. Nearly every day our experienced counter people try to help someone who, in the recent past, had found a bargain elsewhere. "I can't get the faucet to stop leaking. Do you have a replacement stem?" The answer frequently is no and unfortunately the store that sold them the cheap faucet does not stock extensive repair parts. At Ace, we support our product lines with hundreds or even thousands of the most common replacement parts. Many products also come with limited lifetime warranties. Buying decisions must be based on the value. Buy cheap now, pay more in the long run. The staff at Ace have a combined 500+ years of experience in helping our customers. Contrast this with relying on part time and recently hired help that are trained in the very basics of plumbing, heating and electric skills. We are trained in all aspects of heating, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, bath design, water conditioning, septic systems and more. Our customer will benefit from this experience at no extra charge. The Beginning: The story begins on June 1, 1950 when Charles Berman, his wife Evelyn, and his brother Abe, founded Ace Plumbing Supplies in a 3,200 square foot storefront at its present location on Delsea Drive. Ace is said to be an acronym for Abe, Charles, and Evelyn. Shortly after the store opening, Abe left the business and moved to Atlantic City, leaving the business operation to Charles and Evelyn. Between 1950 and 1967 Charles Berman worked and sold product lines including plumbing, heating, electrical, appliances, cabinets, and even automotive supplies. It was in 1967 that their son, Larry, then 13 years old, began his career. Between 1967 and 1973 Larry worked everyday after school and on weekends, handling sales, purchasing, and stocking shelves. When Larry graduated from Vineland High in 1973, he was ready to operate Ace on a full time basis. What happened after that is a classic American success story, built on a foundation of hard work and determination. Fast forwarding to 2014, Ace is comprised of four South Jersey locations and nearly fifty dedicated employees who strive to position Ace as one of the leaders in the industry. Ace services eight South Jersey counties with an outside sales force, a fleet of vehicles that make daily deliveries and an inside sales staff that boasts an average of over 20 years experience. At Ace, there are no boundaries, we ship anywhere, anytime, and are committed to servicing all of your supply needs.
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