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Honesty, Integrity, And Value
Honesty, Integrity, And Value

Over the years, E&E General Contracting has grown through word of mouth from satisfied clients and an outstanding reputation to back that up. The family business— which got its start as E&E Siding—was founded by John Esh and built upon nearly three decades of success before his sons Michael and Matthew took ownership. Now, they continue to grow the business and its reach while maintaining the values that have made them so successful in the first place.

“It started as a small, one-man company and has grown from there,” says Matthew Esh. “While we continue to grow, it’s been important to us to maintain the values that got us here. That includes integrity, honesty and providing the customer with a high level of service.”

Since Esh and his brother took over the helm of the family business (though, their dad remains involved to this day), they’ve expanded it from a siding business into an exterior renovation company. As homeowners came to know and trust the company, naturally they wanted them to handle more—and the company grew organically in that way.

Today, they’re involved in any exterior remodeling work including roofing, windows, doors, siding, stone veneer, and even decks and additions. All of these elements add aesthetic interest and value to a home making it more functional and more beautiful. In terms of curb appeal, this is incredibly important—particularly  for the front of the home. After all, that is the first thing that people see.

 “We’ve worked with a lot of homeowners on upgrading their home to a dream exterior,” Esh explains. “That might include adding a stone veneer, adding or changing windows, or incorporating a portico. We’re not just coming in and offering a basic, run-of-the-mill siding package. We have the know-how and ideas to upgrade homes to truly boost their curb appeal and value and help transform the home into something that homeowners are truly proud to show off.”

More recently, E&E General Contracting has even transitioned into some custom home build work. There has been increased interest in truly custom, “from-scratch” home builds. More homeowners are interested in exploring the option of a custom home but are finding a void in this area. Naturally, they’ve turned to a company that they already know and trust to help on this project.

 “We build long-term relationships with our clients who might hire us for one project but then want us to do more,” says Esh. “That’s how we’ve naturally expanded what we offer. Now that’s even included creating a custom home package where we can literally build from the ground up.”

Rather than just jumping right into additional services, E&E General Contracting gradually transitioned into these new offerings. This has ensured they have the experience to continue to offer the top-quality work that they’ve built their reputation on.

Of course, siding continues to remain a specialty for the company as well. With a lot of homeowners seeking premium siding products, E&E was an early adopter of LP SmartSide, a product that’s been popular in the Midwest for many years but remains relatively new to this area. Esh says there are many reasons that it’s a superior choice.

 “This is an engineered product made of wood strands coated in wax and a special solution which provides extra protection,” Esh explains. “Homeowners  really like it because it has the look of wood but the longevity of an engineered product. They get the best of both worlds.”

On top of that, E&E General Contracting also partners with Diamond  Kote for the pre-finishing of the SmartSide and as a result, offers a 30-year, no-fade warranty. The durability and longevity of the product truly removes the burden from the homeowner in having to keep up with maintenance. It is impervious to water and won’t dent like traditional fiber cement siding.

Despite significant growth from where E&E got its start, none of these changes happened overnight. Instead, steady growth thanks to happy clients has brought the company to where it is today. Even so, with those core values remaining at the heart of the business, it’s still the company that homeowners know and trust. This is important as Esh admits he has heard plenty of stories from homeowners who have had previous poor experiences with contractors. It’s frustrating to feel as though you might have overpaid for subpar work.

 “While we aren’t going to be the cheapest price out there, we also don’t intend to be,” he says. “We’re not out there trying to underbid the competition—we’re committed to setting a fair price for top-quality work. Our focus is on quality, customer service and building long-term  relationships. We might cost just a little bit more, but homeowners realize that’s worth the added value and service we offer.” 

E&E General Contracting
3435 Compass Road | Gap, Pa.
(717) 442-4814 | EEContractingLLC.com

Published (and copyrighted) in House & Home, Volume 21, Issue 6 (January/February 2021). 
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