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Backyard Paradise
Backyard Paradise

As snow begins to melt and flowers start to bloom, you might be thinking about the long summer days of relaxation to come—but what if you don’t have a pool of your own? Cozying up to the neighbor with the lavish backyard or packing up the kids to take them to the community pool for a few hours can be tiresome all on its own; so why not splurge for a resort of your own in the comfort of your backyard?

Luckily, Swim-Mor Pools and Spas is here to give you an energy-efficient, cost-effective and safe pool just in time for the summer.

A family-owned business for over 51 years, Swim-Mor has introduced many different features recently to ensure pools aren’t wasting any resources.

 “Many [people] know that a pool will require a pumping system to keep the water clean,” says Mike McCool, general manager. “What most do not know is that the singlespeed pumps of yesteryear have been updated with pumps that are capable of running at a low speed; thereby drawing less power in the middle of a hot day, while circulating to prevent stagnant water and keeping it sparkling.”

Swim-Mor even offers LED pool lights for their customers who continue swimming when the sun goes down.  

 “These bright-colored rotating wonders use only a fraction of the power that older 500-watt pool flood lights gobbled up,” explains McCool. “Additionally, they also add protection  to the pool by being low voltage so no longer do higher power cables have to be anywhere near the pool water. The lifespan of these lights also prevents having to replace flood light bulbs.”

They also offer a cost-effective sanitizing feature called the Jandy Fusion Chlorine and Fusion Soft Salt System.

 “These employ a mineral purifier, which enhances low-level chlorines to keep the water purified,” explains McCool. “The Fusion Chlorine reduces the amounts of chlorine used over the year saving significant cost there.”

If you have little ones, you know that they are fascinated by water—maybe even a bit too much for their own good. So many things could go wrong in just one distracted second, which is why Swim-Mor has thought extensively about how to give their customers the safest pools on the market.

 “There are numerous standard safety features built into the pool,” says McCool. “The suction points have anti-vortex and anti-entrapment covers that prevent entrapment of fingers or hair and the LED lights that are included are low voltage removing the issue of higher voltage electricity being in the pool water.”

And in New Jersey, each backyard with a pool is required to be enclosed with a fence and a self-closing and latching gate. There are even regulations for the fence to be a certain style that prevents anyone from scaling it to access the pool.

 “The pools are covered by Meyco Safety Covers over the winter to prevent anyone from falling into the pool when it is not as well tended to,” says McCool. “These spring-loaded covers can take the weight of dogs, adults, children  and even some of the extreme acts of nature.”

Swim-Mor even offers water motion-activated  alarms that will loudly alert when it senses a disruption in your pool water.

Not only is now the perfect time to give SwimMor a call to ensure you will be pool-side come summer time, but they are also running a special that may entice you a bit more.

 “We are having a very exciting Spring Special for our new pools,” says McCool. “These include free sunshelf with an umbrella, and two baja chairs.”

The deal includes what would usually be add-on options at a considerable cost. The sunshelf is the perfect setting for children to play in shallow water with watchful eyes nearby.

 “It also has a fun side in bringing the Caribbean vacation feel of lounging in a chair under an umbrella in the cool water on a hot day,” says McCool. “Waiter and drinks not included, but encouraged.”

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