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Where the Grass is Greener
Where the Grass is Greener

With more than 30 years in the lawn-care industry, Dave Walsh has learned a lot about what does and doesn't work.

And for about 14 of those years, homeowners and lawns throughout Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks counties have benefited from Walsh pouring his tried-and-true experiences into the family-owned EcoGreen Lawn Care.

"It's not just about fertilizing the grass: It's about creating a healthy soil," affirms Walsh, the company's owner and founder. "Synthetically, a lot of times, you're just fertilizing the lawn. With our products, they're not just fertilizer, but they're also soil conditioners, they're biologically active to create a healthy soil, and we'll also do free soil pH tests to determine any other needs based on that."

That holistic approach to caring for the entire lawn extends to cultivating an ecosystem free of harmful chemicals, an asset to not only its plant life but also any pets or children playing on that grassy expanse. After all, among the many points of pride that differentiate EcoGreen from others in the field is that it's one of the few companies in the region offering 100% organic, environmentally conscious products.

"Our focus is on safer lawn care – that's our tagline in our logo, 'Safer by Nature,'" Walsh begins. "We're focused on organic. I've done a lot of research on it and we've ended up with our own proprietary line of organic products."

In addition to exclusive all-natural lawn treatments, EcoGreen also boasts a suite of services and options, like traditional lawn care, tree and shrub care, and tick and mosquito treatments. That varied selection ensures that every lawn gets exactly what it needs, according to the team's professional assessment – which includes an initial consultation and follow-up service calls – and the client's overall goals.

"When people sign up for a lawn service, it's an ongoing service – typically, they're signing up for a program where, at different points of the year, they're getting fertilizer and weed control as the basics of a continual process," Walsh explains. "We offer different programs, it's not only organic: We offer traditional, fully organic and a hybrid, which is kind of a combination of them. The products that are used in each program are designed for this geographical area. For example, in this part of Pennsylvania, most lawns typically have acidic soil, so we're going to need to balance that pH level – that's why we do those tests."

But he notes that a number of clients remain "all-in with organic," though it might not always be the first line of defense for lawns requiring a little more TLC than most.

"People hear the word 'organic' and they're ready to go with it," says Walsh. "But we also want to make recommendations that best suit their needs. Let's say your lawn is a mess: It might make more sense to start out with a traditional or hybrid program to get that lawn in better shape, and then transition to organic. That's why we believe in offering choices and recommendations to our customers, to find what's best for them."

While Walsh notes that the spotted lanternfly infestation of recent years has significantly migrated from Pennsylvania to become more of a problem for surrounding states, EcoGreen did identify ways to help homeowners combat damage from the modern-day invasive species without causing further ruin to properties that had never dealt with the pest before.

"We do follow the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture recommendations on how to control a new pest like that," he says. "It also comes from field experience and dealing with things hands-on, and tweaking things based on what we see and observe."

No matter why a client calls in the professionals at EcoGreen, Walsh promises not only a highly personalized lawn-care regimen but also a team that extends its family feeling to each and every customer – and the kind of attention that earns a company wildly positive reviews from deeply loyal customers.

EcoGreen has garnered itself such an enthusiastic client base that Walsh "literally just launched franchising a couple weeks ago" to increase its reach.

"We're targeting states adjacent to Pennsylvania to start out, like New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland," Walsh notes. "It's really about how unique we are in terms of our approach to organic lawn care and then also having our own proprietary products. We really feel that we're set up and ahead of the curve in regards to organic lawn care."

And Walsh is eager to welcome more households to the EcoGreen family, where they can enjoy not only a safely thriving lawn but also the benefits of working with a team of experts who are as warm as they are knowledgeable.

"Company culture is a huge thing with us: We have very intensive training with our technicians and have a very friendly, family type of atmosphere," he says. "Our reviews are excellent – we have a 4.9 on Google – but I really love seeing the reviews where people are saying how great and friendly our technicians are."

EcoGreen Lawn Care
Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania
(610) 584-3266

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