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Spring Refresh

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Are you feeling like the exterior of your home is beginning to look tired or dated? Spring provides the ideal opportunity to get your home’s exterior into shape with projects that will also give it major curb appeal. Exterior elements like your windows, roof or siding have a certain lifespan both in terms of aesthetic appeal but also durability and integrity. As some of these items wear out over time, it can be beneficial to replace them—and also reap the benefits of the wow factor that a total refresh will create. 

Adam Parnes of Global Home Improvement says that the  exterior of a home is sometimes overlooked. Homeowners often think of renovations in terms of updating their interior spaces. But when it comes to curb appeal and wow factor—an impressive exterior  is meaningful. After all, the exterior of your house is the first impression people will have of your home.

 “For homeowners who want that ‘wow’ curb appeal, we suggest updating your home with metal roofing, James Hardie siding and Infinity fiberglass windows from Marvin. Not only are these products designed to last a lifetime, but they are designed with aesthetics  in mind,” Parnes says.

Dave Lyons, owner of DNA Roofing & Siding, says that an exterior refresh can completely transform a home.

 “Siding replacement will make the exterior look like you have a new house,” Lyons says. “If you’re replacing your siding, it’s also a very good time to replace your windows.”  

Joe Cunningham of Roof Maxx of Trenton says that it’s not uncommon for the roof to get overlooked in terms of updating an exterior. But this can be a vital element.

 “An often overlooked ‘refresher’ for your home is to get your roof into  tip-top shape showing no discoloration and no moss or mold—which causes uneven dark spots here and there,” he explains. “Your roof makes up over 30 percent of what one sees when viewing your property, so having a good-looking  roof improves not only the appearance, but also the value of your home.”  

Roof Maxx is a company that helps refresh and extend the life of a home’s roof (not replace it). The company’s roof rejuvenation process will add five years to a roof’s lifespan.

“With Roof Maxx treatments, your roof will benefit in a number of ways,” says Cunningham. “First, before Roof Maxx treats your roof, they’ll repair any issues such as loose shingles, worn boots and unattached flashings. These conditions not only create poor roof appearance, but if left unattended, will lead to roof deterioration and leaks. Second, the Roof Maxx  treatment restores the vitality of your shingles, helping them to perform as if they were new. Treated shingles will once again resist rain, wind, curling, cracking, breaking and loss of granules—the tiny beads you may be finding in your downspouts and gutters as your shingles age. Third, the Roof Maxx treatment generally will restore shingles’ appearance, making them look more like when they were new. Of note, each Roof Maxx treatment provides a five-year transferable warranty.”

The industry insiders we spoke with are constantly keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest trends. One of the biggest has been a shift toward using higher-quality, longer-lasting products. Homeowners understand that their exterior must stand up to the elements, which include harsh weather, and they  want their exterior to continue to look and perform well.

In terms of style, Lyons says that he is seeing darker and more vibrant colors being used in siding choices. More homeowners are looking to make a statement and have that home on the block that stands out—not fades in with every other cookie-cutter choice.

Parnes adds that a trend they’re noticing is black windows with white siding. This is another trend that really “pops.”

 “For a dramatic contrast, we recommend going with Infinity fiberglass windows from Marvin, because the acrylic finish prevents fading and does not chalk like cheap, vinyl windows,” he explains.

No matter how you go about it, when you update your home’s exterior, you get a brand-new look that you can be proud to show off. But these projects can also help with overall value. Whether you may be considering selling your home in the near or even distant future, you’ll also be pleased to know that these types of upgrades can have a great return on investment (ROI), which is obviously important to homeowners.

 “One project with a particularly great ROI is adding a metal roof accent to your home, whether it’s over a bay window or your front porch,” Parnes says. “This design element can separate your home from the rest of the neighborhood.”  

Lyons agrees exterior projects can have a strong ROI.

 “New windows and siding usually gives you a very good ROI—plus you will also save money on heating and cooling with more high-tech and energy-efficient windows,” he says.

By investing in your home’s exterior, you can create a place  that you’re truly proud to call “home.” This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of all.

 “Curb appeal is more than just a catchphrase,” says Parnes. “It’s a feeling that people get when they see a home and it can absolutely impact the value. The homes that are kept up with are the ones that can truly create that ‘home sweet home’ feeling before someone ever even goes inside. That’s important  for not only the home’s overall value but also for the level of enjoyment and appreciation  you have living there.”

DNA Roofing & Siding
Greenville, Del.
(302) 548-3299

Global Home Improvement
Serving Pa., N.J. and Del.
(866) 735-1121

Roof MaXX of Trenton
Division of GEM Home Maintenance
Mount Laurel, N.J.
(609) 800-9100

Select imagery courtesy of Global Home Improvement.

Published (and copyrighted) in House & Home, Volume 21, Issue 6 (January/February 2021). 
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