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Saving Energy, Saving Money and Saving Time
Saving Energy, Saving Money and Saving Time

Allied Experts wants customers to avoid costly emergency repairs down the road by ensuring they are equipped with improved home utilities before those situations occur—and they want to do this in the most cost-effective way possible. The Cherry Hill-based company accomplishes this by performing free home energy assessments to see what rebates and programs customers can qualify for under their utility companies and the state of New Jersey. Homeowners can then sign on for the one-day installation of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, attic air sealing and insulation to weatherize their homes and bring down their utility bills.

"I think as many people as possible should sign up for a no-cost assessment to be able to make an educated decision on their home and learn about their house," says Will Doyle, Allied Experts owner and CEO. "We have our team dedicated to education first and foremost. ... Whether they're going to become a customer or not, we want to solve problems for homeowners and make a difference."

No-cost home energy assessment
For energy assessments, an Allied Experts professional will visit the potential customer's home in Central or Southern New Jersey. The assessment takes approximately two hours and includes checks for the mechanical system, water heating system and building materials. There will also be a sketch and model done of the entire home that includes square footage and volume of the house, as well as an attic inspection. Lastly, the homeowner provides copies of utility bills.

"The next step on an energy assessment for the homeowner is back at our office. We model the system and the utilities' approved software to figure out what savings will be able to be achieved once the project is completed based on recommendations we have for their house," Doyle explains.

Not all homes qualify for the full $5,000 energy rebate, but many do. Rebate qualifications are presented with all of Allied Experts' recommendations on updating and weatherizing the home, as well as the total cost. Over the course of a year, a homeowner can typically expect to see up to 25% savings on utility bills, too.

"In most areas, we are saving homeowners with seasonal energy usage—air conditioning and heating season," Doyle says. "When it's 10 degrees outside or 95 degrees outside, that's when we're making a huge difference for homeowners."

Allied Experts works with a number of utility companies, so payment for the program is handled in different ways depending on the company. However, the zero interest for up to 10 years is the same across the board.

Installation and weatherization
For homeowners moving ahead with the program, they will receive new, energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances and a new hot water heater. Attics will be fully sealed and new attic insulation will be installed.

"Most people have no idea how much air leakage there is leaving through their attic every single day," Doyle says.

For convenience, the entire project is completed in one day, which has been a huge draw for homeowners. This is part of the way Allied Experts makes the entire process—from handling paperwork and planning to the installation follow-up—as simple as possible.

"We want to make it as seamless and as easy as possible for homeowners," Doyle says.

Comfortable living for 15+ years
Everybody uses energy in different ways, according to Doyle. Even in homes of the same model, energy usage will be impacted by factors like the number of people living in the home and how much time they spend there.

When updating and weatherizing a home with Allied Experts, Doyle says homeowners can expect the work to last more than 15 years, while parts are under 10-year warranties. Doyle also recommends maintaining the systems from normal wear and tear through Allied Experts' maintenance program.

"We want to make sure that they're operating the best that they possibly can and keep them as efficient as possible," Doyle says, "so homeowners continue to save energy."

While homeowners cite the new equipment and utility bill savings as the reasons they originally sign up for the program, Doyle says that a year later, surveys show this opinion changes: Customers seem happiest about how comfortable their homes are now, from the bottom to top.

"We're making a big difference for the home in total," Doyle says. "Temperatures become more even and more comfortable. ... There's no reason people should spend more on their energy bills while being uncomfortable if there's a better way to do it."

Allied Experts
Cherry Hill, N.J.
(856) 554-0397

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