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Hometech Renovations
Hometech Renovations

Hometech Renovations owner David Cerami and his team strive to create functional, beautiful and well executed kitchen designs that exceed a homeowner's needs.

With 38 years of experience, Cerami has worked to create a design process that takes away homeowners fears and stresses that are commonly associated with a kitchen remodel.

House & Home spoke with Cerami to touch on the important aspects that homeowners need to consider when researching and planning for a new kitchen remodel.

It comes back to the individual homeowner and their commitment to that particular home. In other words, let's say you're a homeowner that moves every three to four years, do you really want to invest ... and to what extent?

Depending on your commitment to your home, depending on the details that are important to you would depend on how you would go about selecting the right design/build contractor for the job.

Experienced Team
Experience does count. I tend to recommend trying to do research to find accredited, certified design/build specialists that are in line with your aesthetic values, how you prefer to work, and your commitment to your home.

The nice thing in dealing with a design/build company is that you hopefully find a firm that not only understands the design and the homeowner needs after discussing the different options, but understands the most cost effective way to execute the design.

A true experienced design/build contractor or designer will save you exponentially so much more money and time in the end. Because these things are thought about upfront, they're addressed upfront, and they're made consistent with visual drawings and representations that makes a homeowner much more validated about moving a project in that direction. If these details aren't articulated, what you wind up with is a series of one step forward two steps back with a lot of finger pointing that ultimately results in a disjointed project and a bad experience.

There is a starting place; any homeowner should talk and interview 2-3 experienced, accredited design build professionals and make a decision after that. Look at the website, look at the in-house talent, consumer ratings, and make sure they align with your aesthetic and practical needs.

We offer every customer a complimentary on-site visit to visually look at this space and have a very candid conversation with the homeowners regarding what their goals and objectives are.
We're there to give them constructive feedback relative to their goals. We ask, how long do you plan on staying in the home? How many children live in the home? Do you like to cook? How do you like to entertain... and how often?

One of the things that we ask for is that is there an ideal budget range that you'd like to stay with. Now, my experience is to use that budget range as a foundation in which to develop a project. Understanding what your needs are and correlating that into some kind of range would set the stage for what we could or could not do.

Budgets are very important, but we also want the benefit of preparing a design offering that is beyond the obvious to a certain extent, for consideration that would give them a whole laundry list of added advantages and let them make their decision. "You don't know what you don't know." HomeTech Renovations wants you to have the benefit of almost 40 years of Kitchen & Bath design/build! www.HTRenovations.com

Hometech Renovations
1013 North Bethlehem Pike Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002
(215) 646-7477

Published (and copyrighted) in House & Home, Volume 22, Issue 11 (Fall 2022). 
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