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Passion in the Profession
Passion in the Profession

Mike Jerminski is one of the lucky ones. When it comes to getting up and going to work every day as a deck builder, he does it with a smile on his face. It’s not easy to find a profession to be so passionate about, but when he entered the scene 34 years ago, he knew he had found the place for him.

It was this passion that led Jerminski to open his own company, Get Decked, 22 years ago, and it is this passion that has kept him there. He builds decks, and only decks, with the five men he’s brought to his crew, six days a week, and there’s no place he’d rather be.

“Back when we started 22 years ago, we were a rare breed: A deck builder who did only that—build decks,” he says. “But we’ve maintained that focus today with the knowledge that decks are a very important part of many  homes and though many companies have entered into the business, we’re the ones who have built thousands of decks to get us to where we are today.”

Jerminski also admits he wasn’t able to build his business by sitting down.

 “My goal is to be the best deck builder in the area,” he says. “I work seven days a week because somewhere every day someone is building a deck and we at Get Decked will not be outworked.  

 “Today’s customers are very smart,” Jerminski continues. “They contact several deck builder candidates then compare quotes and businesses.  We earn the contract when we create a business combining honesty, hard work, old-fashioned worth ethics and thousands of references.” 

Being the best deck builder in the area is a tough title to claim. In fact, Get Decked received a notice from the Better Business Bureau last  year that a competitor had filed a complaint asking the company to prove Get Decked is in fact the best deck builder in the area.

Jerminski says Get Decked’s second-place finish in a nation-wide deck contest held by the Deckorator Company, along with its recognition  for the last eight years in the Chester County, Pa., newspapers as best deck builder, paired with the customer satisfaction award it has received from Houzz for two years now is all the BBB needed to dispel the complaint.

 “When we responded back with the facts and documentation back to the BBB, they accepted our response,” he says. It is not easy to start and maintain a business, let alone keep it up and running for 22 years and earning such coveted awards, but Jerminski says it is being the best in his trade that continues to drive him and his crew.

 “We absolutely love what we do and take each job very much to heart,” he says. “We truly care about everything we do and back it up for many years.  

 “We have been truly blessed with the best customers and think of everyone as family,” Jerminski continues. “We have one crew, not several like our competitors, and we do one job at a time, with no monies down and we offer no-interest plans—all of this certainly helps. As for the future of Get Decked, Jerminski  says he looks forward to seeing what the young crew he has working for him will do next.

 “I have had the pleasure of working with the same crew for the past eight years,” he says. “We have a very young core of carpenters who work very hard to polish the trade and they are the future of Get Decked.  

 “They have the same drive and energy I have, and are able to add that new, young creative spark to the job where my old stubborn ways have set in,” Jerminksi concludes. “I am so proud to know Get Decked will work so hard to have a very long future in the decking trade.”

 Get Decked
Serving Pa. and Del. | (302) 897-0302

Published (and copyrighted) in House & Home, Volume 19, Issue 8 (February 2019). 
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